Do you know what Nollywood is? [VID]

Do you know what Nollywood is? [VID]

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“If you want American filmmakers to lose their jobs, import some Nigerians.” …quote from Welcome to Nollywood.

Love story – Check.

Infidelity – Check.

Bribery and corruption – Check.

Witch doctor and juju rituals – Check.

Screaming mother-in-law – Check.

Armed robbers – Check.

Man bitch-slapping another man – Check.

Woman bitch-slapping man – Check.

Woman bitch-slapping woman – Check. (See “Festival of slaps” video clip below).

All in one movie – Check.

And only in Nigeria too.

The Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) is the third largest in the world behind Bollywood and Hollywood, and it produces an average of 2,400 new films per year. That’s roughly 6.5 movies produced per day. A staggering number in my opinion.

The following clip of a movie/documentary (frankly, I’m not sure what it is) gives you a tiny glimpse into this mega tsunami of an industry that has swept across the entire continent of Africa.

And for good measure, check out this short slap-fest clip called “Festival of Slaps”:

Watch the video: Falz ft. SIMI - Soldier Official Video


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