TAZine: All about eco-travel

TAZine: All about eco-travel

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The latest issue of TAZine, the Transitions Abroad webzine, is out, and this month’s installment is all about that oh-so-hot topic these days: eco-travel.

If you’re interested in the environment, travel, and sustainability (and as Matador readers, I’m guessing the answer’s yes for most of you!) then there’s lots of thought-provoking material to chew on in here.

A few of the highlights:

Matador’s own Nora Dunn offers Eight Ways to Become Part of a Community Abroad Within Two Weeks.

Friedel Rother shares advice on the art of “wild camping”.

Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel checks in on Iceland’s quest to ditch the foreign oil and go geothermal.

Alison Gardner helps us come to terms with the oft-mocked and maligned voluntourist.

And much more, too. So get reading!


Don’t forget, Matador also has plenty of eco-content for your reading pleasure.

Check out Hal Amen’s photo essay of disappearing glaciers worldwide, or watch an inspirational roadtrip in the video, The Road to Sustainability.

Photo by darkpatator (Creative Commons)

Watch the video: ECO TRAVEL VLOG. travelling around europe zero waste and fly free


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