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Anatomy of a rugby match Information

Anatomy of a rugby match

No time to study up on rugby before this week’s Tri-Nations Rugby Series? Matador Goods editor Lola Akinmade breaks down a typical rugby game through photos.IF YOU HAPPEN TO FIND yourself in Auckland, New Zealand this week, you’ll no doubt feel the “rugby fever” spreading throughout the city. The Tri Nations Rugby Series is one of the world’s premier rugby events that brings together the top three teams in the southern hemisphere – Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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Notes from 4 birthdays abroad Collections

Notes from 4 birthdays abroad

On measuring time by remembering place.July 2006, Heidelberg, GermanyI wake up alone in the apartment. My German flatmate is gone. She doesn’t know today is my birthday.We get along, but she rarely lingers to chat over coffee or engage in a heart-to-heart while doing dishes. Every night I hear her, alone in her room, watching the Simpsons.

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My hometown: A day in Calcutta Interesting

My hometown: A day in Calcutta

MatadorU student, Reeti Roy, takes us through a day in the life of being a student in her hometown of Calcutta, India.My day starts with a cup of steaming hot lemon tea. After a quick shower, I head to Jadavpur University. The University is arguably the best department in Asia for the study of English Literature.

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Exploring Western Ireland Miscellaneous

Exploring Western Ireland

Matador Goods editor and photographer Lola Akinmade leaves Dublin for the countryside.1Galway, Connemara, County MayoA busker strums classic Celtic tunes on his guitar along Galway& 39;s pedestrian drag - Quay Street.All photos by Lola Akinmade2GalwayIrish Gaelic is still spoken around the countryside and many store names, addresses, and signs are written in the traditional language.

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10 places where graffiti is legal Information

10 places where graffiti is legal

Graffiti has long been a part of human history, but it wasn’t until the emergence of hip hop culture that graf began gaining recognition as an art form around the globe.GRAFFITI IS CONSIDERED vandalism in most places. Because of this, the risk graf artists, or “writers” take when they tag, and the speed and efficiency with which they must create their pieces, have helped shape the form itself.

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Sending socks to North Korea by balloon Miscellaneous

Sending socks to North Korea by balloon

MatadorU student Sarah Shaw heads to Korea’s DMZ to launch socks across the border.Sock balloon. All photos: AuthorON SATURDAY, JUNE 30TH, I left my apartment at 8AM wearing rain boots and a camera slung around my neck. I was heading to Paju, a South Korean city located 10km from North Korea, bordering the western side of the demilitarized zone, to meet members of the nonprofit North Korea Peace and participate in a balloon launch that would send socks to North Korea.

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